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The Weakly Bruin - UCLA Geezerville Edition - Volume 5

UCLA and the Bruins Nation Celebrate Moms Everywhere

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Well, another lazy Sunday evening rolls around, but it's a special Sunday and your mom wouldn't want any laziness. Our baseball team wasn't lazy last night, going 17 innings for the win. Here's the box score, thanks to We appreciate ASU's helpfulness both in the game and with the box score.  Helpfulness is another nice attribute of a mom.  Here's a famous TV mom trying to help someone who's in a little distress.

Doing something nice for someone should be required on Mothers' Day, and so it is here in the BN.  Here's something nice for Bruin moms.  in fact there are three nice things: herehere and here. (Thanks to LaFemmeBruin for the first and third, and to XOXSSports for the middle one.) (I didn't need the audio for those, but others might like it.)

Now, aren't those nice things to give to UCLA moms?

And in related news (related because a mom was involved), today is Jim Abrahams's birthday. Surely you know he wrote and directed the greatest movie of all time, as determined by a select committee of Bruins Nation film critics. (We are indebted to, believe it or not, "Don't Call Me Shirley" for that clip.)

Recognizing a mother of a slightly different nature, on May 10, 1924, J. Edgar Hoover was named acting director of the Bureau of Information.

And that's the news.  Sorry, Bruin brothers and sisters, but that's all the time we have (except for the kitty video, with thanks to JC Elliott.