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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Wednesday Wisdom and Olympic Sports

Tweets from around the UCLA-twitterverse

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Starting off with some Wednesday Wisdom...

And putting those thoughts into action…here are some more shots from the Jim Mora Count On Me Charity Golf Tournament this past weekend.

Coach Polamalu found a couple pretty good running backs (Ladainian Tomlinson and MJD)

And DeShaun Foster wasn't too bad himself.

The Bruin QB Club was represented well (Matt Stevens, Troy Aikman, Wayne Cook)

Some Bruins were making news on the international scene

And that was the first of two for her.

Bruins senior volleyball star Karsta Lowe is exchanging Blue and Gold for Red, White and Blue.

Softball is getting some well deserved love from Bruins old and new.

And that includes one Bruin Hall of Famer.

Baseball is on a roll right now.

The Women's Tennis team came up just short in the championship, but it wasn't for lack of support from their fellow Bruins...

One graduating student is struggling with decisions...

While one incoming student can't wait for the fall...