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Why Jim Harbaugh Will Never Coach At UCLA or UC Berkeley

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports has an article quoting Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh on the controversial topic of satellite football camps.

Basically, a satellite football camp is when a school schedules a football camp for high school students somewhere other than on their own campus. An example of a satellite camp might be if Coach Mora and staff worked with either a high school or community college in Northern Calfornia, Arizona or, heck, Alabama, Florida (or anywhere other than Westwood).

The obvious benefit is that the staff of the school holding the satellite camp gets exposure to potential recruits outside of their "home turf". It's been a popular discussion topic in College Football this year because the SEC has been whining about schools, especially from the Big Ten, coming into their schools' territories to hold camps (and, effectively, recruit players) in places where the SEC has typically had a stranglehold on.

Enter Jim Harbaugh.

He made some news a few months ago by inviting coaches "from every football playing college in AMERICA" to come work with players at Michigan's football camp which ends today.

Well, Harbaugh has drawn much criticism, primarily from the SEC, for holding 11 satellite camps in seven states this year.

Today, Harbaugh responded by saying:

In my America, you're allowed to cross state borders. That's the America I know.

I'm not sure, but I think that statement may disqualify Harbaugh from ever working for the University of California. Can someone please check with Janet Napolitano?

I think it sounds like a "microaggression" to Nick Saban, Les Miles, and the other SEC coaches.

Go Bruins!!!