The Next Deal: Under Armour?


Hello Everyone! It's an honor to be posting for the very first time. Just wanted to share a quick link detailing the man behind Under Armour's college football uniforms, Adam Clement. The article seems to showcase a man who is not only talented and creative, but also a man who truly cares about tradition and the essence of each school. In my opinion, this is exactly what UCLA needs and the kind of man I would want making uniforms for our studs in blue and gold, and our loyal fanbase. I like the ambition and fire that Under Armour is bringing to the College football market, and I believe this resonates with the identity of our football team as well. Anyways, take a look at the article. Let me know what ya'll think. Also, if anyone happens to have any information or articles on the minds behind Nike's college football designers, please share! I would love to get some discussion going with with more concrete sources so we can truly consider what's best for our Bruins. GO BRUINS.

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