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When Life Gets In The Way [UPDATE: Take the Mora Challenge]

Jim Mora is helping raise funds for Avery Huffman. You too can help.

It's easy to get lost it the routine of every day, but every so often life throws you a curveball.

That just happened to the family of Brandon Huffman.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Brandon and his work, he is the National Director of Recruiting for His articles about UCLA recruits will almost always show up on Bruin Report Online. At the same time, Brandon has been a great friend of Bruins Nation.

Brandon and his wife Amanda just found out that their six-year old daughter Avery has an inoperable brain tumor which will likely take her life.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Huffmans with the medical expenses. I would like to encourage everyone to contribute what they can.

I'm not sure how much a six-year old can understand about a disease like cancer. But, I know that a lot of cancer survivors believe that a positive attitude was absolutely necessary to overcoming the disease.

With that, Bruins Nation sends our love and prayers to Avery, Brandon, Amanda and the entire Huffman family. And, we want to encourage Avery to fight this with every ounce of energy she has. All of Bruins Nation is going to be rooting for you to beat cancer as much as we root for our beloved Bruins to beat USC.

Go Avery!!!


Jim Mora is challenging all Bruins - and others - to help raise funds to help Avery. If you want to donate by purchasing a package, be sure to email to ensure the package is still available. Jim Mora, Dan Guerrero and IMG College have put together several packages in return for making a donation. Because new packages have been added, please visit Bruin Report Online's page to see which packages may still be available.