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Hide Your Eyes: UCLA, Adidas Unveil 2015 Alternate Uniforms

Words do not begin to describe how bad these look.


After the nearly universal negative response which came when UCLA and adidas unveiled the 2015 home uniforms, apparently it was decided to not do another countdown to the unveiling of UCLA's alternate uni for 2015. Please put down the spoon and step away from the breakfast bowl quickly. Lest you have a "reversal of fortune" when you see these.

I'm trying to find something good I can say about these abominations in sports attire.

Photo credit: @adidasFballUS

I know...the matte black helmet with metallic gold UCLA script with a blue outline looks pretty cool. Just keep you eyes off the rest of the uniform.

Photo credit: @adidasFballUS

They are calling this year's alternate the "City" alternate uniform. Well, these uniforms will remind you of what might happen if you visit the area around Southern Cal late at night. You might get sliced up, just like the stripes and numbers on these jerseys and then run over in the street and left with tire tracks on you while you wait for the police to arrive, kind of like the adidas "Primeknit" pattern.

Photo credit: @adidasFballUS

These things look so bad that I'm just going to stop. Ok, not yet. The black jerseys actually do accomplish one thing: they show off how bad the metallic blue and gold ginsu'd stripes and number font really look.

Photo credit: @adidasFballUS

Now, remember...Someone at adidas actually thought these look good.

These uniforms are so bad that, while the official site tells readers of the press release to go to, adidas has conveniently left the images and press release off their site. Wow.

Memo to adidas: Please stop. Just stop.

Memo to Dan Guerrero: Let the exclusive negotiating period with adidas expire. We beg you!

Go Bruins!!!