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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA's Norman Powell - A Raptor - How Fitting!

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It's mid-August and UCLA football players (college and professional)  have been working hard in the summer heat. But our basketball players have also been making their way to the gym - the air conditioned gyms! So let's start by taking a look around the NBA.

First off, Norman Powell is a raptor. I mean he really is one:

Okay, so he probably won't eat anyone, but he is really turning heads:

And he finally got to see his beautiful new surroundings:

and is looking for a little artistic assistance:

Seriously gentleman ... intensity matters!

Bruin support comes in several forms:


Merry Christmas Trevor:

I say go for it:

In the meantime, BD as usual has been supporting great things. Keep an eye out for these:

and talks about his favorite things:

Speaking of good works, I'd love to go to this:

Bill Walton experiences life richly, passionately communicating his observations, vision and editorial style as a broadcaster, and regularly engaging his charitable heart.

The heart part:

UCLA getting a little help in the heart department from a superhero:

Is this what "aging" basketball players do?

Just kidding. Tyus still looks 20!

Soccer time!

Next match for the women, August 21st in Long Beach. For the men, August 18th, exhibition against Mexico U-17, UCLA.

Don't worry. Knowing you, it will soon be good as new!

Are you ready for some football? (The other kind.)


Moving on up!

It's off to the South for Rick:

Always sporting the Blue and Gold!

Well we know someone who isn't in San Berdoo:

Too bad she missed this:

Couldn't agree more!

Stay strong KLS!

Is it the heat or not getting to be on the field?

What a drag!

#20 is impressing. Could be his mindset:

More cool photos:

We miss you Asiantii ... all the best!

Bruin fashion corner:

I want this shirt:

Diet help ... or is this sleep advice?

Bruin wisdom:

Happy Birthday to you ... sorry we're a day late!

Speaking of celebrations, another Bruin great is looking for a little artistic assistance:

Congratulations Sydney!

Keeping up with Cortez:

Maybe he'd like some new friends?

How about we finish this off with something cool and spirited?

Have a great day, and as always ...

Go Bruins!