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Spaulding Report: UCLA Coach Mora Still Won't Name A Starting QB

Not much news yesterday. There is still no news as to who will start at QB, but Josh Rosen did speak with the media.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins took to the field yesterday afternoon with a substantially different make-up on the offensive line for the first time in camp. As gbruin wrote in his Spaulding Report on Monday night, three offensive linemen left practice due to injury. Coach Mora discussed the status of each in his post-practice press conference yesterday. According to Joey Kaufman of the OC Register, Alex Redmond was played center yesterday. So, he is healthy enough to play. Jake Brendel who tweaked his calf a little is listed as day-to-day. Connor McDermott returned to Westwood to get an MRI to make sure his knee is ok. If you listen to Coach Mora's video from Bruin Sports Report's Mike Chavez, McDermott had felt a pop but had no swelling and no instability.

Coach Mora also announced a few changes to the practice schedule. The team will scrimmage on Friday at 5 pm instead of the previously scheduled 5:45 pm time and all players will be available after practice to sign autographs or throw the ball around with the kids.

On Saturday, the team will host Fan Appreciation Day at 9 am instead of the previously announced 11:15 am practice time.

Coach Mora also mentioned that they changed the way they are practicing field goal kicking. Instead of having Ka'imi kick a bunch of field goals at the end of practice, they are now having him kick a few at a time throughout the course of practice. The idea behind that is that doing it this way is more like a game situation than having him kick eight straight at the end of practice.

On the QB battle, Coach Mora said that they are no closer to naming a starting QB and that he is waiting to see someone win the job. He said, "24 hours a day they are graded on something."

Jordan Payton also spoke to the media after practice. He called the quarterback competition "intense". He was asked if his camp roommate Josh Rosen has any habits that annoying and he said he hasn't paid that much attention, but noted that it was a "plus" that Josh's mom had made them some gluten-free cookies.

Finally, we have Josh Rosen who spoke with the media for the first time in Fall Camp. Josh critiques himself and talks about his need to be more consistent in his play.

Today is another double session day with practices at 8:30 am and at 5:45 pm. This will also serve as our open thread for today's practices. You can tweet pictures to us @Bruinnation, write a fanpost with words and/or photos/video, or share them in a thread or Spaulding Report. This is our community and the more we each share the better.

Go Bruins!!!