Running Diary Of The Fall Scrimmage...Sort Of

So I arrived shortly before the scrimmage so i didn't catch much of position drills. This just about everything I watched during the scrimmage with a few thoughts.

Blue 1's white 2's tom and noel mazzone coaching team white and Jim and Taylor coaching team blue.

Mike starts for white team, a few hand offs and two pass breakups and drive stalls.

Rosen started with the ones... completed pass to JP two hand offs and a bad snap for scoop and score.

Neu two handoffs and a swing pass to so so to start drive... moving offense. Comeback thow to eldridge massington. Overthrew TD slightly in endzone. Swing pass to #4 inconplete slant to el mass to close drive. Stalled once in redzone. Kai coverts fg

Mike starts off with white completes nice passes some good defense from rios. bolo looks quick has deceptive quickness. Mike really doesn't move the offense like neu or josh

Josh another comeback to jp for 12 yards, quicker release then earlier reported.
Jet sweep to mossi for 6 yards
Hand off to soso who looks a bit indecisive. Soso breaks out for a nice gain up the middle for about 15 yards and again for a few yards. To goal line. Rosen finishes with a sneak.

Mike with a nice pass to sweet for about 30 yards on ish. Busted play ends up a nice rush for Mike then off set by a false start. Guys weren't set. Nice gain for Roosevelt Davis up the middle first down yard then a swing to him again for minimal gain. Jack on the stop. Miscommunication on an overthrow out of the endzone and another on the next play. White goes for it on 4th and eli ankou is quickly in the backfield for a loss.

Jerry hands off to soso for minimum gain, pass to eldridge massington for first down. Handoffs to soso for 3 yard rush. Jerry fakes handoff and gains first down yardage, then completes a 26 yard pass to Kenny walker for a td.

Mike with a hand off to bolo miles and jaleel with stop for minimal gain. Swing pass to pickett for short gain on bad snap and a handoff to bolo for short gain as drive stalls.

Another bad exchange for rosen white recovers ball next to goal line.

Mike with incomplete pass to open series and a run for no gain. Flag false start. Rush by Roosevelt davis for minimal gain. Drive again stalls against blue d.

Rosen on short slant to devin. 3 yard gain by soso on rush. Soso for a gain of 4 on handoff. Pass for a loss to #4 darren andrews? Swing pass to soso for a gain of 12 runs out of bounds. Possibly left yards on the field. Deep in for first down to eldridge in tight coverage. Flag for face mask moves blue into redzone. Nice fade pass to jp for td but ref rules him out.
Through a slant into tight coverage against true freshman nate madors covering Thomas. Nate almost takes it away but drops the int. Drive ends on a busted play. dline is in rosens face almost immediately. Delay of game on fg try but kai converts on the next play

Mike hands off to bolo for minimum gain. Comeback to sweet for first down. Hand off to bolo for gain of 12. Bolo another nice game showing agility for a firstdown rush. Bolo again for 4 yards. Always positive yardage for him. Kenny young with basically a strip sack... explodes off the line. Short pass to #2 white then offsides by defense. Roosevelt davis converts on next play for td. Blocked kick by myles jack then a scoop and score for 2 points.

Jerry on a nice run after play was busted by great coverage for white d. Nice gainof 7 from Nate starks . Hitch to eldridge for minimal gain. Tough catchin traffic by jp for 24 yard gain. Short pass to kenny walker into redzone. Nate starks finishes with a gain of 14 for td.


Josh with a short handoff to soso. Jet sweep to mossi for a nice gain. Josh escapes a sack with decent mobility completes a short pass to mossi. Soso witha noce gain 9f 12. Pass incomplete high to mossi on short out . Under throws jp on a pass to endzone. 6 yard gain to soso. False start. Josh throws behind jp on a slant routeas drive ends.

Mike with a hand off to davis for short gain. Fumble by davis, scoop and score for marcus rios.

Mike with a handoff to davis for loss of yards. Dl#96 on stop. Miscommunication between Austin Roberts and mike as pass goes deep and austin stops short. Mike under pressure underthrows #2. Drive over.

Jerry hands off to bolo for gain of 7. Short comeback to eldridge for first down. High snap from center neu catches and hands off to bolo for minimum gain. Swing pass to #4 for loss. Deep back shoulder throw carrys #4 out of bounds. Drive over.

Mike hands off to #6 on a jet sweep for first down yardage. Flag face mask. Roosevelt davis for a burst of 16. Slant falls incomplete to white #2. Sack by deon Hollins. Flag looks like offsides play canceled. But good burst by deon. Davis stopped for a loss by #96. Rios in great position for a pick but it goes through his hands. Swing pass to davis falls way short of him. Nice stop by first team d.

Rosen finds kenny walker on deep in for a nice gain. Denzel fisher on stop. Playaction run by soso goes for 3 yards. Hitch pass to jp for short gain. Josh again finds kenny for a decent gain first down into redzone. Josh lobs up a ball thats picked off . Jp held up on the line no flag.

Mossi with a big hit on davis, playing some safety. Short gain to Austin Roberts. Ball batted down by matt Dickerson. Drive over.

Josh on a screen to mossi and he drops the pass. Slant thrown slightly behind devin who drops a catchable ball. Rosen takes off for first down after middle left wide open due to great coverage. Great pass by Josh on seem route dropped by #81. Jet sweep by mossi goes for first down. Great coverage again as rosen runs out of time and flys ball out the back of the endzone. Nice run by bolo who makes a few ppl miss for first down. Josh finds TD on a slant for a touchdown. Kai clanks field goal off left upright. No good.

#19 now taking snaps. Handoffs to #6white for a nice gain of 20. Takes off himself for 6 yard gain. Swing pass goes for short yards. Takes off on busted play for first down run. Hands off to #6 for 8 yards. Just found out #6 is adarrius pickett. Short gain for him stopped by jaleel. Dline #98 for stop in backfield on davis. Davis for a short gain. Pass incomplete falls short to #2 white. Rossevelt davis closes out scrimmage with a short gain.

All done off mobile phone while trying to watch full practice. This is as accurate as I could get it. Some names won't be capitalized due to Mobile phone and some numbers are th ere because im not 100% on who those players are. its too much to edit on here. Its pretty close to chronoligical as I may have missed details on plays. Hope you all enjoyed. I'll leave my takeaways in comment section. Thanks.

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