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UCLA Football Fan Appreciation Day 2015 In San Berdoo - Photo Gallery

There was no practice today, but Bruin fans had a wonderful morning meeting their 2015 football team before the buses headed west. Check out some of our photos here.

When I heard there would be no practice today, I had pretty much decided to sleep in and skip Fan Appreciation Day. Two of my wonderful friends were going though, so I decided to join them.

We had a wonderful time, and I thought it would be a great time to collect some photos of the players for Bruinette88 and her quizzes!

The players were wonderful as usual and took their time with each fan that spoke with them. I overheard Jerry Neuheisel asking a young man what position he wanted to play. The future Bruin responded something like any, to which Neu responded, that's a real football player.

I skipped taking a photo of Myles Jack because he was difficult to get of shot of in the middle of the storm of people that surrounded him. But we all know what he looks like! His mom was there with Myles' beautiful puppy. I'm not quite sure I didn't get a picture of the puppy, but maybe it was for the best. We don't want other teams knowing what Myles' pup looks like.

There were also free posters, really good brats for breakfast, and new Bruin gear - including this t-shirt which I just couldn't resist:

t-shirt bn

In case you're wondering what the team did when they left camp, we overheard one player saying to another: "Don't eat another hot dog, we're going to the Mora's". I guess it was player appreciation day too!

Go Bruins!