View from UCLA Football Fan Appreciation Day: An Autograph Seekers Paradise

Hollins seemed to enjoy fan appreciation day the most of the players. - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend Fan Appreciation Day today. It was an autograph seeker's paradise. Stater Brothers threw in some free food and, except for having to wait forever for a parking permit, the weather and venue cooperated.

A couple quick notes.

The number one target of the autograph seekers was Myles Jack. Myles was mobbed the whole time. He even switched locations and the herd went with him.

I was accompanied by my own little autograph seeker who was determined to find his favorite player, Ishmael Adams. There were two major problems with this. The top jersey worn by fans was Ishmael's number one. This would not have been a problem if he was built like the program cover boy Kenny Clark but Ishmael is tiny. When we found him it was kind of shocking seeing him without pads up close. My respect for his ability went up because he is one of those players who is probably less than their listed height and weight.

The quarterback battle was interesting as well during this day. Jerry Neuheisel had more people around him than Rosen. Jerry also was the most distinctive looking. Jerry bore many bad jokes about his blonde/white hair. He was wearing what looked like swim trunks and could not be more of a stereotype of a California quarterback. To Jerry's credit when it was finally our turn a UCLA staffer came up to him and said "time to go" when my autograph seeker was next in line, I apologized and thanked him for staying to which Jerry replied: "I'm not leaving until they drag me away."

Josh Rosen also had a crowd. I guess Josh looked like a quarterback in another way. To this older guy he looked like he was trying to be Tom Cruise cool with Aviator style sunglasses that were really in . . . during the eighties. He looked more like a quarterback but the sunglasses?

Of course the guy who seemed to be the most Hollywood in style was Deon Hollins. Deon was loving it and having a great time hanging out with the fans. If this was Hollywood and the movies, you can tell Deon would be the guy that loved the red carpet and would work the rope line. (Not in a bad way, he would shake everyone's hands.)

Kenny Clark and Caleb Bennenoch were both very nice and fit the gentle giant mode. They were the also the opposite of Adams in that you knew you were standing next to football players around them.

Eldridge Massington looks fast, standing still signing autographs. He was also very nice. However the nicest (they were all nice in fairness) may have been Paul Perkins. He was great to all the kids and seemed to put some real effort into making the littlest kids comfortable.

I will close with the comic relief: Carl Hulick. Hulick was a man on a mission for a "sweet" Stater Brothers ball cap. He tried trading his UCLA hat and from somewhere he obtained yet another cap. He was dripping surfer talk and seemed to be the defensive lineman version of Spicoli .

It was fun and the kids loved it. Go Bruins.

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