UCLA is #13 in Initial AP College Football Poll

Paul Perkins and the Bruins begin the season at #13. Where will they finish? - Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason AP College Football Poll was just released and Jim Mora's U.C.L.A. Bruins are ranked #13. This is one spot ahead of the ESPN poll that placed the Bruins at #14.

The poll is led by Ohio State which was a unanimous choice for #1, followed by TCU, Alabama, Baylor, and Michigan State in the top 5.

Oregon is the highest ranked Pac-12 team at #7 and Southern Cal is right behind them at #8. Arizona State (15), Stanford (21), and Arizona (22) are also in the Top 25 to begin the season. Four of the teams in the Pac-12 South are ranked, and a fifth, Utah was among those others receiving votes, so the nation's writers are at least aware there are some teams out west.

The Bruins have been listed everywhere from #3 to the mid-teens in the variety of polls I've seen so far, and there is still talk that U.C.L.A. is one of the teams to consider in the College Football Playoff picture. Clearly a lot of people have some lingering questions about a some key spots, well, ok, one key spot, on the Bruins roster.

Here is the entire Top 25, courtesy our fearless leaders with SB Nation.

Ranking Team Points
1 Ohio State (61) 1,525
2 TCU 1,428
3 Alabama 1,322
4 Baylor 1,263
5 Michigan State 1,256
6 Auburn 1,192
7 Oregon 1,156
8 USC 1,085
9 Georgia 991
10 Florida State 959
11 Notre Dame 873
12 Clemson 862
13 UCLA 698
14 LSU 675
15 Arizona State 605
16 Georgia Tech 588
17 Mississippi 563
18 Arkansas 410
19 Oklahoma 394
20 Wisconsin 393
21 Stanford 347
22 Arizona 311
23 Boise State 240
24 Missouri 219
25 Tennessee 114

Yes, yes, I know, preseason polls…

The first College Football Playoff Poll will be released on November 3 and will carry a bit more import.

Of course we all care a whole lot more about the final 2015 poll. But it hasn't been released yet, so I can't write much about it at this point. I am looking for much better that #13 in that one.


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