VIDEO: 2015 UCLA Football Fall Scrimmage


I thought it would be great to have some video from the scrimmage so that people could see for themselves what the team is looking like and I decided to give it a try. Before providing the links, however, I need to provide a caution to viewers:

  1. I have never "filmed" a live sporting event before, so beware, there are missed moments, jarring shifts of the camera, and some shaking now and then as I tried to follow the action.
  2. Decisions - Do I try to get a close view or a wide view? I tried both, both with mixed results (well, not a very even mix). Up close is neat, but then it means more shakiness on my part and sometimes not being able to follow the play. Far out allows one to see the field (kind of), but it's more difficult to see who's who and what's what.
  3. Audio: well the conversation my friends and I were having was pretty entertaining, at least to us. People around us were also pretty interesting. But I chose to mute the sound so that we (the fans) wouldn't be a distraction. The problem is that muting us also means muting the sounds from the field. I also decided not to dub in music. If anyone wants to add music, feel free to play your favorite (Alter Bridge, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Bruce, Jimi, Aretha, Bowie, Snoop, Jimi Cliff, Verdi ... stop luv you need to finish this post!).
  4. Next time I think I'll try "filming" from an angle - might help solve #2.
  5. Battery - I had no idea how fast my batteries would run out. Had I known, I would have taken another one and not recorded until the scrimmage began.
  6. There is a cameo appearance by Chris Foster, Jack Wang, and Joey Kaufman. Ed Lewis was not there Friday and for some reason Michael Chavez chose to sit elsewhere.
Okay, so here are the links for the UCLA Football Fall Scrimmage: Warm-up, Scrimmage 1/2, and Scrimmage 2/2. I hope they can give you some view of what went on!

Also, if anyone would like to add commentary (Fox I was thinking of you :) ), that would be fun.

Enjoy, and I apologize ahead of time for my lacking a professional touch!

Go Bruins!

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