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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Celebrating UCLA's Best Friends and More

Tweets of, by, and for the Bruins.

Harry How/Getty Images

With only eight days (and counting) until UCLA Football kicks off the season,

we take a look at what Bruins are tweeting.

First, let's salute our Bruins' best friends. Happy National Dog Day (yesterday).

So you want to be a running back? Take a look at this:

Just know,  you'll have to run through these guys:

Happy Birthday Reggie,


and Ava Duvernay ... be nice Ed!

Very cool!

This Bruin needs help:

Warning to NBA players:

If you're heading to Vegas:

And we know where you can get some help with your dance moves:

Happy Birthday Coach Val!

I just love this Bruin for life:

and he's doing well:

Bruins wisdom corner:

Speaking of benefits ...

Kluwe gets it:

Come on out, support the cause, and honor Nick:

And help spread the Bruin love by giving some great kids a great day:

Another great day for kids:

and another ...

I heard Mora gave this guy an offer:

This is high praise:

Me too!

So with less than nine days until kickoff, it's time to "Strike up the Band":

Have a great day, and as always ...

Go Bruins!