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Spaulding Report: UCLA's Starting and Backup Quarterbacks Speak

Josh Rosen and Jerry Neuheisel discuss the quarterback position and the future, both Virginia and beyond.

The focus falls on the freshman quarterback now.
The focus falls on the freshman quarterback now.
Joe Piechowski

There's a week and a half until U.C.L.A. Football kicks off the 2015 season. And after Wednesday, there's not much left to do except get ready for Virginia.

Josh Rosen met the media after practice on Thursday, a day after Jim Mora announced publicly that Rosen will be the Bruins starter to begin the season. The ageless and always impeccably dressed Jim Hill started the questions that the media has been waiting to officially ask for weeks and it was pretty predictable stuff. Rosen said he was excited to be named the starter, said he had confidence in his abilities throughout the process, thought his performance has been pretty good through camp so far, playing a similar scheme in high school was helpful, leading U.C.L.A. is the fulfillment of a dream, he will continue to focus on his development every day, his teammates haven't changed how they treat him, he recognizes the level of accountability as a student-athlete, and all the things you'd want to hear from someone in his position.

Overall, Rosen seemed humble and honest and said all the right things. Still, a couple things stood out.

Most impressively, Rosen said much of his success so far is due to Jerry Neuheisel because he is such a selfless guy and he has the team's best interest in mind and isn't out playing for himself.

He also downplayed the episode in SB when Mora called him out publicly on the field.

Coaches are coaches. They yell, they praise...I know 100% that Mora has my back through thick and thin, inside and outside UCLA, inside and outside football or anything, and I have complete trust in him and complete trust in this team.

Thanks to Tracy Pierson and Bruin Report Online for the video.

Rosen's appearance was followed by Jerry Neuheisel. Yeah, only a little bit awkward there. But still, a bit.

Jerry was exactly the same Jerry that we have rooted for since day one on campus. He was brutally honest with his feelings of disappointment at not being the starting QB at U.C.L.A. but played the role of perfect teammate, saying his personal feelings were secondary to the good of the team and that anyone else on the team would have been just as supportive.

He [Mora] said he just had a gut feeling and as a player you got to respect it. You don't have to agree with it, but you have to respect it. What the head coach wants, the head coach gets, and it's our job to make sure we go get him a W every Saturday.

He did note that he spoke to his dad, who happened to end up being a backup during his senior year himself, but still ended up contributing to the success of that team in a big way. Jerry has one class left to get his diploma, but didn't hint at considering becoming a graduate transfer so he could play elsewhere.

He says the biggest area he can help Josh is with learning and recognizing coverages. As a freshman, Josh hasn't seen as many as he has and he'll help him get accustomed to what he'll see at this level.

Jerry also said he thought that coaching would be a great future. Listen to that part at 3:50.

Video from Tracy Pierson and Bruin Report Online.

Does anyone else think Jerry would make a fantastic quarterback coach?

Yeah, that's what I thought.