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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Mel Farr, Camping, & Good Works - UCLA Style

Tweets from around the UCLA-twitterverse.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

With summer coming to an end, Bruins preparing for the seasons to come, and some very special people coming to UCLA to make their dreams come true, let's take a look at what Bruins are tweeting about.

First, UCLA lost a great Bruin this week.

I found this interesting interview with Mel Farr and others from The American Black Journal:

Rest in peace Mel, and as Big Joe says, our deepest condolences go to the Farr family.

Some Bruins are getting ready for fall camp, finally! So let's get ready as well.

I do Takk, I do!

The best secondary in the Pac is ready:

We hear you Fish.

Well said:


Some have already returned and are bringing on the schadenfreude!

Poor trojan :(

This is really cool - watch camp from Akeem's point of view:

Is this the best the Packers can do for Brett?

They're still making friends and influencing people!

And still working hard:

Get them while they last:

If you happen to be in the neighborhood:

Some very special athletes made their way to UCLA last week.

Rafer Johnson began his work with the Special Olympics in 1968. Here he is enjoying the joy he has helped bring to so many in the world:

Some of our Bruins got to join in (please ignore the background in the instagram picture!):

The Mora's hosted some of the athletes:

And a huge Thank You to all the volunteers that made this event so special:

DeShaun and Russell continue to do good works:

Luc took his talents and joy back home:

And how cool is this (be sure to check out the link):

Back to the college game.

I don't quite understand why the teams are destroying their own logos?

Players respond to media:

Welcome back to all of our athletes:

Some are already hard at work:

Welcome to Arizona Devin? (and all the best):

Bill, I really think you should take Cortez with you.

Reading corner:

The future looks bright:
Especially for these Bruins:

Be sure to watch the video, Bruin love everywhere:

Have a great week, and as always ...

Go Bruins!