Is UCLA's Next Opponent BYU The Dirtiest Team In College Football?

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I have long thought that BYU plays a dirty brand of football, and now thanks to advancements in internet knowledge by people much smarter than me on the language of internet, the word is getting out to others.

I watched the BYU v Nebraska game and saw what I believed was a dirty hit by a BYU defender against a Nebraska tight end, which caused injury.


There is an article that details the dirty hit which left David Sutton injured.

Last night, while at a buddies house watching the UCLA v UNLV game, I saw that BYU was down by 17 points, and my friend said something about not having to worry too much about those guys. I told him that they play dirty and that there's NFL aged players on the team (because many go on their two-year missions, coming back older and married with children), and that due to those things you can't count them out. I said that we would have an eighteen year old freshman QB going up against grown men on the D-line and so forth. My friend dismissed this by pointing to the score. Well, they came back and won, so I texted my buddy when I got home and, well, anyway...

Low and behold, I see a link to an article about a dirty BYU player punching a Boise State player in the nether region on my Facebook feed, and I have to tell you, I'm neither shocked nor surprised.


That's two games this year, and two plays that are being circulated on the internet letting people know, beware of the Cougars from Provo.

I hope the Bruins are well aware of this fact and prepare for such play, and I also hope that no one gets hurt in the game.

I'll leave you with this particularly telling quote from BYU head coach, Bronco Mendenhall, that appears in the Nebraska-related article above:

"When I've seen BYU play at its best, the teams I've watched in the past, they are physically dominant, they are very tough. They are on the edge of playing within the rules because they are so aggressive."

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