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Chris Clark No Longer Registered At UCLA

According to the Registrar's Office, Clark is no longer enrolled at UCLA

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Credit to Joey Kaufman for doing something we probably all dreaded having to do ourselves - talking with the Registrar's Office at UCLA.

Freshman Chris Clark is no longer enrolled at UCLA, according to the Registrar's Office.

Clark, the top-ranked tight end prospect in the nation last year, did not travel with the Bruins to last week's road opener at UNLV. He played in the season opener against Virginia at the Rose Bowl but did not catch a pass.

He will presumably transfer elsewhere. A UCLA spokesman confirmed that Clark was not enrolled in classes. UCLA's fall academic quarter begins Monday.

This follows the recent speculation that began when Joe first picked up on Clark's tweet that he was hanging out at home instead of traveling with his teammates to Las Vegas to play UNLV last weekend. Most fans figured it was a case of homesickness and difficulty adjusting to his new environment.

We knew about mono setting him back, and his forgetting to bring his jersey to Fan Appreciation Day, and recently having to be brought from his dorm room to practice by a member of the coaching staff, but it sounds like Clark was having a much more difficult time behind the scenes for some time.

Clark struggled to catch on at UCLA. He was sidelined for the first week of camp because of mononucleosis. To begin the second practice, he was also on the receiving end of a profanity-filled tirade from Mora, who scolded the tight end for arriving late to practice with a cell phone in hand.

At one point during the public tongue-lashing, which went on for several minutes, Mora told Clark he would drive him to the airport so he could transfer to Rutgers or a junior college.

There is still nothing official from the UCLA coaching staff, and I doubt there will be anytime soon. I imagine this will be a case of Coach Mora wanting to talk about his players and not about people who don't want to be his players.

Onward. Go Bruins!