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UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Addresses Ishmael Adams Arrest

Jim Mora met with the media after practice on Tuesday and addressed the Ishmael Adams arrest.

Thanks to Ed Lewis and Bruin Sports Report for the video.

Good afternoon. I thought I'd address the Ishmael Adams situation first and foremost.

With regards to Ishmael, obviously I can't get into any particulars because it is a pending legal issue. But what I'll say is this - As a football coach, as a parent, you hate to see young men get themselves into bad situations. And one thing I do is I take this very seriously and I take it very personally as well. We consistently, as a staff, as a University, as a support group, stress the importance of making good decisions to our young men. We talk about it on a consistent basis, and you hope, you hope with all your heart that it sinks in, but you don't always know.

One thing that we stress is from the very first day that they step on campus as a member of this football program they have a responsibility, not only to themselves but to their teammates, to their families, to this University, to our great fans, to the student body to represent the highest ideals and moral values. And unfortunately, or fortunately, or really just factually, these young men live in the bright eye of the media because of what they do and when they do make a mistake it's magnified. And it tarnishes their reputation and it certainly tarnishes to some extent the reputation of this program.

So we do take it very very seriously. Ishmael has been suspended indefinitely. He will not play this week against Virginia. As facts become facts, become available then we'll make our decisions as we go.