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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA Football Routs Arizona

Bruins far and near enjoyed the Bruin's demolition of the Wildcats. We have some tweets to prove it.

Way to hang on Jordan!
Way to hang on Jordan!
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

UCLA went into the desert with several men down. But Bruins everywhere knew that this team was deep, tough, and talented. And last night, the Bruins showed what they are made of as the offense ran over the Wildcats and the defense adjusted to all kinds of adversity to keep the Wildcats way below their point average. So let's take a look at what some Bruins had to say.

First a congratulations from a Bruin now and forever:

A brief recap:

Some great photos:

Enjoying the victory:

Bruins far and near were enjoying the game, starting with Eddie:

And others:

I really feel for Miles S. :)

Retweet this - I did:

There are things to work on:

As for Gameday:

Bruins looking forward:

Enjoy your day, and as always ...

Go Bruins!