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Virginia Cavaliers at UCLA Bruins First Half Game Thread

UCLA kicks it off today at the Rose Bowl against the Virginia Cavaliers! The days of waiting are over!

UCLA linebacker, Myles Jack.
UCLA linebacker, Myles Jack.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The days of waiting are indeed over, and Bruin fans can finally soak in the much-anticipated UCLA debuts of Josh Rosen, the highly touted true freshman quarterback, and Defensive Coordinator, Tom Bradley. Can these two new additions to the program live up to expectations? Get ready for some answers when the Bruins line up against the University of Virginia Cavaliers, a football program seeking answers to questions of its own, at 3:30 p.m. PT at the Rose Bowl. The game is televised on FOX.

Rosen, annointed with the moniker, "J Chosen," is coming off a brilliant high school career at St. John Bosco. Bosco ran the same offense as UCLA Offensive Coordinator, Noel Mazzone. Hopefully, it will be a match made in heaven. We will all get our first glimpse today.

The game may feature big performances from two talented running backs. UVa fans are hoping that "Smoke" Mizzell will live up to his potential in his junior year, as most of his competition at that position has graduated. UCLA returns last season's PAC 12 league-leading rusher, Paul Perkins. Perkins may handle the majority of the load today as Rosen gets his sea legs under him. Also, since this game is being televised on "big boy" FOX, that means Gus Johnson! I am taking bets on how early Gus will break out his copyrighted "The Perkinator" catch phrase for Paul. I say after the first 15 yard run.

Get yourself hyped for Paul by watching this great run by Paul Perkins from the Texas game last season:

Awesome downhill running! Nice cameo at the start from UCLA center and team captain, Jake Brendel.

Today also marks the debut of Defensive Coordinator, Tom Bradley, the long-time Penn State D coordinator under Joe Paterno, and the architect of legendary Penn State defenses. I am so excited to see what Coach Bradley can do with the highly talented group of players on UCLA's defense. Looking forward to seeing if Bradley's aggressive style lives up to its reputation on the west coast.

Not savvy about our out-of-conference opponent? As a primer, check out BN's breakdowns of the Cavaliers' offense, defense, and special teams/coaching.

A friendly reminder about our game threads: we will not tolerate any personal attacks on our players. Comment on the quality of a play or player, but don't make it personal.

Hopefully a ton of you are already at the Rose Bowl. If so, have a great but safe time! I am jealous.

As mentioned above, the game is televised on FOX; enjoy the delights of Gus Johnson. If you are new Bruin and/or are new to Gus, here is a good introduction to Gus and his connection to UCLA lore:

I know, wrong sport, but THAT never gets old.

Today is also the debut of the new Voice of UCLA, Bill Roth, on AM570 on Los Angeles. I am looking forward to hearing Roth call UCLA games. "Wait," you say. "Orlando, you live in Florida, how can you listen to Bill Roth on AM570 there?!?"


We have a cool new feature at Bruins Nation during game threads. Turn on your TV, surf to this thread on your computer or tablet, and listen to Mr. Roth's fine announcing, all while enjoying all things Bruin and firing off posts in the comments section of the game thread. Just click below:

Ahhhhhhh. Nice.

This is our first half open thread. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also follow and share your tweets at @BruinNation and use the hashtag #UCLAvsUVA.

U! - C! - L! - A! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!!!