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Deleted UCLA Wooden Athletic Fund Tweet Causes Embarrassing Stir

It's time for a special Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse. It's the Embarrassing Labor Day WAF Tweet edition.


A poorly worded tweet from UCLA's Wooden Athletic Fund was deleted yesterday afternoon after former NFL player Tom Crabtree called out the WAF for the tweet.

The tweet wished WAF donors a Happy Labor Day and thanked them for allowing UCLA student-athletes to "go to work."

(Image: @itsCrab)

But, it wasn't deleted before Crabtree took a screenshot of the tweet. A few hours later after it was deleted, Crabtree called out the fact that the tweet had been deleted by letting the Wooden Athletic Fund know that he still had their tweet if they needed to re-post it.

That's when it started to go viral. Crabtree's tweet immediately started a conversation which included tweets critical of the treatment student-athletes currently receive because they are not allowed to be paid a salary.

Meanwhile, others chose to defend the current system.

According to a story on the Daily Bruin website, it then got picked up by baseball writer Keith Law who retweeted it to his 448K followers, adding his own comment to it:

Paying student-athletes has been a very hot topic that threatens to upend the entire system of intercollegiate athletics, in part to things like former Bruin Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit against the NCAA and the unionization attempt by football players at Northwestern.

According to the DB article, the Wooden Athletic Fund has not offered an explanation for the tweet's removal.