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2015 Foster Farms Bowl: UCLA vs. Nebraska

UCLA v Nebraska--Second Half Game Thread

The UCLA Bruins offense scored 3 TDs blazingly fast (under 2 minutes each) but the defense could not tackle or stop a formidable Nebraska running game which chewed up clock and churned out 3 TDs for themselves. The half ends, 21 all, with a Rosen interception.

UCLA v Nebraska First Half Game Thread

The UCLA Bruins face off against the Nebraska Cornhuskers for the third time in three years, winning the previous two games. Will they make it three in a row?

Mike Riley and Staff Bring Experience to Nebraska

Mike Riley and Staff Bring Experience to Nebraska, But Will That Matter?

Foster Farms Bowl: Keys To A UCLA Victory

Three things that need to be taken care of in order for the Bruins to win the Foster Farms Bowl tonight.

Pregame Guesses: Will Payton Produce in Last Game?

Will Jordan Payton go out with a bang, exploiting one of the weaker pass defenses in the nation?

How To Watch UCLA vs. Nebraska

The UCLA Bruins take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the 2015 Foster Farms Bowl tonight at 6:15pm PT.

Can Paul Perkins Run through an Elite Run Defense?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will try to slow down UCLA RB Paul Perkins with their elite #8 ranked run defense.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Preview: Offense

Will Nebraska adjust is 50/50 rushing vs. passing offense to try to take advantage of UCLA's issues against the run?

UCLA's Offseason-Early Departures? Early Signees!

The UCLA Bruins prepare for Nebraska and for next season, as Bruins sign eight new players for the 2016 season.

This stream has:

2015 Foster Farms Bowl: Nebraska vs. UCLA

Full coverage of the UCLA Bruins as they prepare to face the Nebraska Cornhuskers on December 26th in the Foster Farms Bowl.

Players Express Get Well Wishes For Coach Mazzone

Coach Mazzone's health was a big topic of conversation when Jordan Payton and Thomas Duarte met with the media after practice today.

UCLA Football Talking Defense Against Nebraska

DC Tom Bradley spoke about the defensive challenges the Bruins will face when they play Nebraska.

Spaulding Report: UCLA Preparing for Nebraska

As the Bruins prepare for the Cornhuskers, Jim Mora, Paul Perkins, and Jake Brendel spoke with the media after practice today.

UCLA To Face Nebraska In Foster Farms Bowl

UCLA will close out what would have been Nick Pasquale's senior season against Nebraska.