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Spaulding Report: What Will The Offseason Bring for UCLA Football? Early Departures? Early Signees!

The UCLA Bruins prepare for Nebraska and for next season, as Bruins sign eight new players for the 2016 season.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins have eight days before seniors like Jordan Payton, Jake Brendel, Ka'imi Fairbairn, Aaron Wallace, Kene Orjioke, and Devin Fuller take the field for the last time in their UCLA uniforms. Today the Bruins continued their preparation for that game and got some great news!

First, there was some really good news as Noel Mazzone returned to practice today after spending a few days in the hospital. The players were happy to see him back out there and didn't expect him could return so quickly.  We all wish Noel a full and speedy recovery!

Takkarist McKinley talked about how good Nebraska is today and also said he's ready to "get right back in to it" once this season is over. He knows that Nebraska will be a tough match up and is a really good team (although he wondered who the reporter was talking about when he brought up the alleged school across town). Takk says he is going to work at putting on more mass this off season. He has been talking with Datone Jones and Datone wants to work with him this off season to get him where he needs to be next year and for the NFL the following year. Takk felt like the run defense "sucked" once Eddie and Myles went down and he wants to get himself in the kind of shape where he can be more of a defensive weapon against the run. Sacks are also nice, and Takk says he and Deon Hollins want to lead the nation in sacks next year.

As for going to up north for the bowl game, Takk says he would prefer another location so he can visit somewhere new. He will be able to see his family, but since he's been to Levi Stadium many times and in California his whole life it might be fun to see another place. What does he want? To go to the National Championship, he wants to help lead the team, like Kenny Clark - by example. "Hopefully next year, I can lead the pack of wolves". On Kenny Clark's pending decision on whether to stay or go,Takk has been making him some bacon sandwiches with a note attached that reads: "Please stay". He knows in the end, however, that it's Kenny's choice to make and that he will do what he thinks is best.

Thanks to Bruin Report Online for the video.

The off season won't just be about who leaves, but also who arrives, and today UCLA welcomed eight new Bruins:

The 2016 early signees are:

4 * LB Breland Brandt (ranked 9th in his position in the nation by rivals)

4 * Ath Demetric Felton (22nd)

4 * WR Theo Howard (5th)

3* QB Matt Lynch (20th)

3* K JJ Molson (2nd)

3* DT Nick Terry

3* Ath Leni Toailoa

4* LB Lokeni Toailoa (8th)

Yesterday, UCLA Football put out this enticing tweet to get fans ready:

Congratulations for picking the best University in the world and we look forward to seeing you representing the four letters on and off the field.

This is today's report from "Spaulding". Have a great evening, and as always ...

Go Bruins!