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Foster Farms Bowl: UCLA v Nebraska--Second Half Game Thread

The UCLA Bruins offense scored 3 TDs blazingly fast (under 2 minutes each) but the defense could not tackle or stop a formidable Nebraska running game which chewed up clock and churned out 3 TDs for themselves. The half ends, 21 all, with a Rosen interception.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

First half ended terribly for UCLA with a Rosen interception with 33 seconds left. This was one play after a Nebraska player was ejected for targeting.

The teams are tied at 21 all. Let's see how we got here in rough outline format:

First Quarter

Nebraska wins the toss and defers so UCLA receives the kickoff.

* UCLA: 10 play, 79 yard drive, 4:43 min, TD

Perkins 32 yard run, making something out of nothing as he usually does. Rosen had to Duarte brought the ball to the one yard line with a 22 yard catch. Perkins runs it in from 1 yard for the TD. 7-0 Bruins.

* Nebraska: 12 play, 75 yard drive, 6:27 min, TD

D brings up a 3rd and 5. UCLA D holds but flag comes in late against Johnny Johnson giving UN the first down. Couple runs to get another 1D. Then D wide open for easy pass. Tak McKingley personal foul after the play gives them 15 more yards. UN inside red zone. more running. more running. 3rd and goal from 1 yard line. Another run to easily score a TD. 7-7 Nebraska.

* UCLA: 3 and out. 3 plays, 3 yards, 55 secs, PUNT

Roosevelt Davis has a nice 35 yard return, start from 36 yard line. Perkins for a yard. INC. Penalty on OL. Punt. Not surprisingly, another drive ended with a penalty.

* Nebraska: 10 play, 61 yards, 5:13 min, Fumble

Screen, first down on first. Armstrong keeps it for another first down. UCLA penalty and they just run 5 easily. Armstrong fumbles the ball and it is recovered by UCLA Wadood. We got really lucky here as Kenny Clark inadvertently grabbed Armstrong's facemask. I'll take it.

Second Quarter

* UCLA: 4 plays, 86 yards, 1:38 min, TOUCHDOWN!

Rosen to Payton gains 22 yards, Rosen to Walker for a huge 60 yard touchdown catch. Speed plus hands! Finally! UCLA 14-7.

* Nebraska: 3 plays, 5 yards, 1:33 min, Punt

3 and out. Nice plays by D, a big drop by Nebraska receiver on what could have been a 30+ yard play.

* UCLA: 4 plays, 68 yards, 1:36 min, TOUCHDOWN!

Screen to Soso Jamabo who runs for a big gain for 36 yards. Looked injured after the play. Starks comes in with 8 yards then there was a beautiful play by Rosen. Rosen drew in the defense, OL held nicely, and Rosen waited until Starks was out in the open and threw for the first down, and more. Starks made some nice moves and took in for the 26 yard touchdown. UCLA 21-7.

The Bruins were rolling but the bend AND break defense showed its ugly head. The rest of the half was painful to on if you want...

* Nebraska: 4 plays, 75 yards, 1:32, Touchdown

Armstrong with a 28 yard pass is extended by a dumb personal foul by Wadood hitting the receiver out of bounds. Turner with 22 yards up the middle. Then they just run it in. Their OL and RBs are stronger than our entire defense. 21-14 UCLA.

* UCLA: 3 plays, 9 yards, 2:00 min, PUNT!

3 n out. This was just painful. Punting on 4th and 1. I hate this play in football so much! What did Nebraska do? Just marched down the field and scored a touchdown.

* Nebraska: 8 plays, 73 yards, 3:31 min, Touchdown

Running for 5 yards almost every time. Armstrong running wild..picks up 26 yards...Cross runs the ball to the 1 yard line. Touchdown Nebraska. Just too easy.

TIE GAME 21 all. Ug.

Last series was strange. Perkins gets destroyed on a late screen and the Nebraska player is ejected. After, Rosen is intercepted. What an anticlimactic end.

Not looking good Bruins.

Go Bruins.