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Defenseless UCLA loses to WSU

UCLA looking like the worst team in the PAC 12

A picture of the only UCLA player who played well.
A picture of the only UCLA player who played well.
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest question tonight was poised by UCLALUV:  will Russell Westbrook take back his donation? UCLA's defense was so offensive that Westbrook may be having second thoughts as UCLA lost 85 to 78 to the worst team in the PAC 12 Washington State Cougars in front of hundreds on winter break.   For Bryce defenders it is tough to justify his playing so much when he is shooting so bad (2-10) as whoever he was guarding was playing at a magical level.  It may have been his worst game ever on defense.

The best defense of Bryce is no one else was playing defense either so I am being unfair singling him out.  At one point with less than 7 minutes left WSU was shooting 68% and if wasn't for WSU missing so many at the end (2 of their last 8) it would have been a more outrageous percentage than just 55% for the game and 60% in the second half.

The first half WSU beat UCLA 40-36.  Bryce looked tired, was looking to pass first, and was completely worthless on defense. Parker, had some nice passes and rebounds, but still looks like he is trying to avoid contact on shots and is in a funk with zero points.  Holiday had some nice moments but really outside of Thomas Welsh and Isaac Hamilton, UCLA looked flat.  Hamilton had 14 points and Welsh had 8 with 5 rebounds.  More importantly WSU was able to hit 51% overall and 6-14 from 3.  These were not tough shots.  UCLA had no defensive energy and made no effort to contest outside shots.

In the second half UCLA came out and went inside almost every time to Parker or Welsh.   Parker seems like he can't get off the ground any more.  He passed up some dunks and was generally flat footed.  With the exception of Isaac Hamilton, UCLA wasn't much better on offense.  Bryce and Tony Parker were awful.  A desperate Steve Alford even went deep in his bench.  UCLA played a team of Noah Allen, Alex Olesinski, Tony Parker, Bryce Alford, and Aaron Holiday at one point.  With 6:58, UCLA was down by 12 as WSU made 7 field goals in a row.    When WSU finally missed they got the offense rebound and promptly scored.

And that summed up the game.  We were awful and are the new worst team in the PAC 12.  I hope we cashed Russel's check.