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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: UCLA Football - NFL Playoff Edition

Fifteen Bruins will me playing in the NFL playoffs this weekend (or next). Consider this your Wild-Card Weekend thread!

Watch out for that Barr attack!
Watch out for that Barr attack!
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

My Kendricks jersey arrived yesterday, just in time for Sunday's Vikings game against Pete Carroll's Seahawks.

(No that's not me, I don't know how to take pictures of my back.)

While I'll be rooting for Bruins Cassius Marsh and Derrick Coleman to have great games, my heart will be with the Minnesota/UCLA Vikings:

I sure do love my Barr/Kendricks LB combo:

I've picked the Vikings in my perfect lineup in NFL Fantasy (hey, it's called fantasy!)

And this guy has been turning a lot of heads (literally and figuratively):

Will there be a 3rd Bruin/Viking LB next year?

Anthony Barr is also back in full form and hopefully Pete Carroll will get to see the Barr attack in person:

The Kevin McDermott, Jeff Locke combo has been working really well, as well, as both were involved in a highly successful fake punt to help get them into the playoffs:

Bruins make the Vikings' special teams, special:

Here is some helpful advice for all you future long snappers:

It's great to be recognized:

Mike Harris is having quite an impact:

As I mentioned, there will be Bruins on both sides of the field in this game, including this one:

Talk about turning heads:

Cassius also wins for coolest look:

Speaking of cool:

Fortunately, Derrick Coleman is on the same team and won't have to run into Marsh. Instead, Derrick is still inspiring and empowering young people:

and making their dreams come true:

The Bruins will be playing for other teams as well:

The Packers are getting ready to play Washington on Sunday as well, and although Brett will probably not be seeing a lot of action on the field, he seems to be getting acclimated to his new surroundings:

It shouldn't be long before we will see Brett in full view:

We don't yet know if Datone Jones will be ready for the game,

but we do know he is working on it,

and doing great works off the field as well:

Hopefully, he will play, and will have a good breakfast as well:

Unfortunately, Logan Paulsen has been out all season, but should be back next year:

In today's action, Bruin-less Kansas City will take on the Houston Texans. Unfortunately, Rahim Moore is inactive for the game, however Xavier Sua-Filo will be seeing plenty of action:

Next week we will get to see a few more Bruins in action, including WR Matthew Slater who is the leading tackler on the Patriots' special teams:

and a captain and a leader:

Unfortunately, he also had to take the heat for this:

Some of it pretty funny:

Thank you very much Bill Belichik!

Nate Chandler is currently on the Panther's injured/reserved list, and that might be a good thing as he is probably not getting much sleep these nights:

As for Jordan Zumwalt, the Steeler's have kept Jordan around on the injured/reserve list, even though he has suffered injuries both years in preseason. Let's hope 2016 is the year of the return of the Zumwalt!

For some Bruins, the season will not continue, but they are still enjoying the journey (and the grind):

Some made some really good moves this year:

Who are Bruins rooting for?

See I'm not the only Viking expecting great things from the Vikings!

The last word goes to Owamagbe Odighizuwa, who unfortunately had to deal with injuries this year, but who will never be stopped:

Next year will be better, and oh how the Giants need you on the line!

You can check out the official website for a complete (but slightly outdated) list of Bruins in the Pros.

Wild-card weekend schedule (all times UCLA Time):



  • 10:05 am  Seahawks vs. Vikings
  • 1:40 pm  Packers vs. Washington
Enjoy watching your Bruins, and maybe we and Pete Carroll will  get to see something like this:

Go Bruins!