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Will There Be A Sequel to the "Barr Exam"?

Meet the new QB for the Chicago Bears. His name is Matt Barkley. He entered the game for the Bears last night when starter Brian Hoyer got hurt. The Bears' next opponent is the Minnesota Vikings. I believe they have a linebacker who is quite familiar with Barkley.

Failing the Barr Exam
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Most Bruin fans, and certainly almost everyone here at BN, is familar with the gif of Anthony Barr sacking Matt Barkley from the 2012 game against Southern Cal. The gif is commonly known as the "Barr Exam" or "Failing the Barr Exam".

In case you aren't, here it is. For those who are familiar, it never gets old.

On Halloween night, we may just get the sequel.

Chicago Bears QB Brian Hoyer got hurt last night and former Trogan Matt Barkley came in to replace him.

The Bears will play the Minnesota Vikings on Halloween night. As a result, if Barkley plays in the Bears' next game, he'll be lining up against former Bruin Anthony Barr. Of course, the change in numbers by Barr from #11 at UCLA to #55 with the Vikings might confuse Barkley.

But, even if it doesn't, something tells me that I don't think Barkley will be talking about any unfinished business this time.