Football Memories: The Johnson Brothers

UCLA's quarterback in 1990, Bret Johnson, was not very good and led UCLA to a 3-7-1 record. His legacy to UCLA's football success is often overlooked.

Being told he wouldn't be the starter before the first game of 1991, he transferred to Michigan State and publicly blasted UCLA. His father was a legendary coach in Orange County. Due to Bret's "mistreatment" by UCLA, the father swore he'd never let Bret's younger brother, Rob, play for the Bruins and he went to quarterback USC.

Rob at QB for the Trogans proved a great blessing for the Bruins. Rob lost all 3 times he faced us -- I don't know how many quarterbacks have done that -- but what is most notable is how he did it. The first game he got totally outplayed by John Barnes and then failed on the game-winning 2-point conversion. Then he topped that in a game where the UCLA-USC winner would go to the Rose Bowl game -- by throwing an interception in the end zone in the closing moments to snatch defeat from victory.

If there is another generation of Johnson quarterbacks, please have them be Trogans.

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