You Must Watch This! (only 5 minutes)

Recently there appeared on YouTube amazing footage of John Wooden's first national championship game, in 1964 against Duke. Although UCLA was ranked #1 in the country and undefeated, it went into the game as underdog because Duke had 2 players who were 6'10" and the tallest Bruins were 2 at 6'5" (Slaughter and Erickson).

Duke led late in the first half, 30-27, and the footage starts with Duke's free throw for their 30th point,. Then you will watch the famous Bruin Blitz, with UCLA going on a 16-0 point run. At the end of the run (and the footage), the Bruins led 43-30 and the game was essentially over before halftime. Final score was 98-83, with the 98 points setting a then-record for most points ever scored in the championship game.

Please do view this (and bookmark it!) at

It makes a good antidote to Trump-Clinton and to Saturday's football game, to boost the spirit and remember the beginning of the greatest dynasty in college basketball history.

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