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UCLA Football at Colorado Second Half Game Thread

The Bruins lead the Buffaloes by a score of 10-7 after the first half of play.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It's been an up and down first half. At one point, we seemed to have hit a stride, then bad play calling, a blocked kick, and two interceptions cost the Bruins major points.

Fafaul connected with Andrews midway through the first quarter with a 39 yard pass after Fafaul created something out of nothing by running out of the pocket and actually sliding. J.J. Molson hit a career long 48 yard field goal at the beginning of the second quarter to put the Bruins up by three. Both teams seem to be playing an awful lot  in the middle of the field as the defenses are showing quite a bit of talent.

Liufau broke his streak of throwing 148 passes with no interceptions by throwing not one, but three interceptions in the first half. He was also taken out by our very own Takk McKinley with an NFL caliber hit that also took out an offensive lineman. Liufau was out for the remainder of the second quarter.

Unfortunately, we have also seen some ugly offense on our part as well. High snaps have been a major issue as well as false starts.

Colorado looks incredibly undisciplined with both a targeting and unsportsmanlike conduct calls. We have not really seen the amazing offense that has been on the field this year, and with Liufau in the locker room, it is definitely anyone's game.

We start the third quarter with the Bruins up, 10-7.

Listen to the Game Here on BN!

This is your second half game thread. Go Bruins!