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Michigan Wolverines at UCLA Bruins Game Thread

Tonight's game between Michigan and UCLA looks to be a sellout or about as close to one as UCLA can get.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Hail! to the victors valiant

Hail! to the conqu'ring heroes

Hail! Hail! to Michigan,

the champions of the West!

So goes the Michigan fight song "The Victors". Personally, I've always wondered about that last line and how Michigan could ever be considered part of "the West".

Apparently, it's a reference to Big Ten's original moniker as the Western Conference.

Well, one thing is, for sure.

This year's Bruin basketball team isn't going down easily and, so, Michigan won't be "the champions of the West" today, at least not without a fight.

This season, we are proud to, again, have today's audio feed for everyone who opts to use the TuneIn player embedded below. For optimum results, start the audio feed then pause your DVR and sync them up together so you don't have to listen to the ESPN broadcast team if you don't want to.

Listen to the Game Here on BN!

This is your Michigan at UCLA game thread!

Go Bruins!!!!