Time To Get Off Alford's Back

So some of you Coach Alford detractors wanted to run him out of Pauly Pavillon for any number of silly reasons.

Some of you site contributors raked him over the coals over and over last year to the point I felt embarrassed for your obvious ill will towards our coach and even his son Bryce who played his heart out for the team.

Given your malice towards the Alford's I fully expect some of you to continue to defend your prior positions. But you should just put that behind you and support the job Steve has done to this point in recruiting and with handling of this dynamic and exciting team.

With another great recruiting class next year I'm hoping you fine folks will hush up about how incompetent coach is.

Speaking of great jobs what a fantastic effort of preparation and execution against the number one team in the country, on the road, in a blood thirsty environment, in a different time zone no less.

In game coaching was excellent as well, especially after UCLA didn't initially match Kentucky's energy the first 10 minutes while falling behind by 9 points after leading 4-0 To start the game. Cat fans were no doubt thinking blow out and I'm sure a few of you detractors were secretly hoping Alford fell flat on the huge stage of Rupp Arena with a national television audience watching. Maybe not and I certainly hope my assumption is inaccurate on this front.

I wonder how many future four and five star recruits were watching the game this morning and now have UCLA in mind as a potential destination the next two to three years. Give coach credit; go on!

The poise and toughness that the Bruins displayed today was amazing. Alford's fingerprints are all over this team and he, to this point, has pulled all the right strings and pushed all the right buttons. Give his staff credit as well, a staff that includes another Alford.

The future looks bright for the Bruins and don't look now but its Steve Alford who flipped the switch to that light......sure glad he's still working at Pauly.

Go Bruwins........

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