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Top 10 Reasons Why Steve Alford is the Worst UCLA Coach Ever

65-40 record is good for the lowest winning percentage ever for a post-Wooden UCLA coach.

Steve you are the worst.
Steve you are the worst.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Top 10 reasons to fire Steve Alford now.  He has proven to be the worst coach in UCLA*(post 1948 and John Wooden) history.

10.  Three blowout losses to a mediocre Just USC team by an AVERAGE margin of 19 points.

9.   No UCLA Coach has finished lower than fourth in their third season as UCLA coach.  Alford finished tenth.

8.  UCLA's tenth place finish is its lowest conference finish in ANY season.

7.  12 losses in conference ties the record for conference losses in a season.  That does not begin to tell how bad UCLA was.  UCLA was the ONLY team to lose to a truly awful Washington State this year.  Yet, this was a team with enough talent to beat Kentucky this year.  Coaching matters.

6.  The problems are not just limited to this season.  Last year against Kentucky UCLA scored an all-time low of 7 points in a half.

5.  Last year UCLA was held to under 40 points by Utah, a low total in the shot clock era.

4.  DaddyBall.  The last two season Bryce Alford has led UCLA in minutes played.  Last night Bryce Alford was playing with a severely bruised jaw and still played 34 minutes. He was -31 in the plus/minus.  No one can rightly argue he is the team's best player.  (Not a good measure but PAC 12 voters would agree with this.)

3.  DaddyBall#2.  All "experts" and Steve Alford agree that UCLA's problems begin on defense.  Through the course of the season, Steve has blamed every starter but one for the defensive problems.  That one starter is Bryce Alford.  All "experts" but not Steve Alford agree that Bryce is a defensive liability.

2.  28-22-15 is not a good trend in wins.  The last four UCLA coaches to be fired were all better in their first three seasons and none but Ben Howland in his first had a losing season:

Walt Hazzard 21-12 (NIT Champs), 15-14 (NIT), 25-7 (PAC 10 Champs, NCAA)

Jim Harrick 21-10 (NCAA), 22-11 (NCAA), 23-9 (NCAA)

Steve Lavin 24-8 (Pac 12 champs, elite eight), 24-9, (NCAA), 22-9 (NCAA)

Ben Howland 11-17, 18-11 (NCAA), 32-7 (Pac 10 Champs, NCAA Runner Up)

1.  Steve Alford has the worst win percentage of any UCLA coach since the Wooden era began in 1948.  His 65-40 record is good for the lowest winning percentage.

Fire Steve Alford now.