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NCAA and NIT Tournament Brackets Show How Massively UCLA Underachieved

We can beat six tourney teams but can't beat WSU or Wake Forest

An embarrassing symbol of a failed season
An embarrassing symbol of a failed season
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Eight of the twelve PAC 12 teams are playing in the post season.    Let's just go through a few of the greatest hits of this epic debacle.

PAC 12 8th place University of Washington, who UCLA lost to twice with two overtimes by a total of 5 points is in the NIT.

PAC 12th 7th Place Oregon State who UCLA beat on THE ROAD is a 7 seed in the NCAA Tourney.  They also lost at the end of the year when the team imploded.

PAC 12 6th Place Just SC who blew UCLA out three times is actually a lower seed that the Beavers with an 8 eight seed.  (Playing us three times may have hurt their seeding.)

PAC 12 5th place Colorado who UCLA beat the only time they played them this year for their last win of the season is also an eight seed.

PAC 12 4th Place UC Berkeley is a 4 seed.  UCLA was not close to them in their matchup.

PAC 12 3rd Place Arizona is a 6 seed.  UCLA beat Arizona at home and outplayed Arizona for most of the game on the road until virtually the whole team fouled out in a great example of SPTR.

PAC 12 2nd Place Utah only beat UCLA by 2 points.

PAC 12 Winner Oregon was clearly better than UCLA and received a one seed.

For the rest of the field.

UCLA lost to NIT high seed Monmouth by 3 in OT.

UCLA was destroyed by Kansas and in the second half by North Carolina.

UCLA beat NCAA #11 Seed Gonzaga on the road

UCLA beat NCAA #4 Seed Kentucky

UCLA beat NIT bound Long Beach State.

So UCLA was 6-13 against the postseason (NCAA/NIT) field.  Some quick thoughts on this:

  • Breaking that down a bit further, of the 13 losses 4 were by possession and two more were very close despite being over a possession.
  • Take out the "rivalry" losses, and UCLA is 7-9. If take out the three embarrassing losses to Just SC and the controversial loss to Arizona. UCLA clearly choked.
  • Of UCLA's six wins over tournament teams only one, Arizona, was decided by a possession or less.

In other words, one could argue that UCLA was leaderless and choked the close games.   Maybe it was because coaching mattered?  Add in the debacles against an awful WSU and Wake Forest teams and once again there is no way to argue this team did not massively underachieve.

Save UCLA Men's Basketball. Fire Alford.

Go Bruins!