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Rick Neuheisel Doesn't Believe Extension Removal Was Steve Alford's Idea

UCLA's former football coach offers his opinion on the letter from UCLA's current basketball coach.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

On his SiriusXM radio show, former UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel offered his opinion on what prompted Sunday's letter from Steve Alford in which he gave back the contract extension he signed two years ago.

Here's the audio:

Well, I don't think anyone thought Alford actually wrote the letter he signed. But, here is a prominent Bruin legend and former UCLA coach discussing the intense amount of pressure which came in following one of the worst basketball seasons in UCLA history.

Surprisingly, he doesn't discuss Dan Guerrero's statement to ESPN's Andy Katz where Guerrero said:

I thought it was a strong statement to the UCLA community about Steve's commitment to this program and his belief in where we're headed. It's relatively unprecedented, as far as I can tell.

Well, yeah, no coach has ever given back a contract extension before. But, it's still nothing but smoke and mirrors.

He gave up one season in 2020-21, which means very little because, if the team performs reasonably well, Guerrero will give it right back again.

Of course, it lowers Alford's buyout as well after April 30th, but who in Bruins Nation really believes that Guerrero will wait and terminate Alford's contract on May 1st after the basketball coaching carousel has stopped simply to save $2.6 million?

Guerrero is trying to get Bruin fans to accept another year of mediocrity by pulling one over on Bruin fans with this and, for that reason, Guerrero deserves to be fired. This stunt will cement Dan Guerrero's legacy as having destroyed UCLA Basketball.

If you haven't contacted Chancellor Block, now would be the time. If you haven't contacted Dan Guerrero, do that too. Heck, even if you've already contacted them, do it again and let them know how unacceptable this action is.

Go Bruins!!!