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UCLA Basketball: Mobile Billboard Calls For Alford To Be Fired

Planes, trucks and....? What's next?


Dan Guerrero's Q&A with reporters has not ended the campaign to fire UCLA basketball coach Steve Alford. If anything, it may have intensified it.

In the latest installment, a mobile billboard truck has been spotted driving around campus calling for Alford's dismissal. Matt Joye of the Daily Bruin tweeted about it earlier today.

While Matt may have referred to it as a "bus", it doesn't appear to be capable of carrying any passengers except the driver and maybe 1 or 2 others.

But, as he mentions, one side has a picture of Dan Guerrero and read "Wake Up, Dan!" while the other shows Alford with the statement "Mediocrity Made Here" referring to Alford's lack of success.

A tweet from Aubrey Yeo says it was first seen while walking to campus.

But Joye's picture of the Alford side clearly shows the North Athletic Field in the background, meaning the truck has driven onto campus as well.

Go Bruins!!!