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Fire Alford: USC Destroys UCLA Again

Just SC embarrasses UCLA 95-71 for the third time this season.

Dan Guerrero must fire Steve Alford and everyone reading this needs to email him and let him know
Dan Guerrero must fire Steve Alford and everyone reading this needs to email him and let him know
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

FIRE STEVE ALFORD.  This was the worst performance of UCLA in the Alford era.  And it was against Just SC.  It was third loss this season to SC.  It was UCLA's worst loss ever in the PAC 12 tournament. There is NO argument left to keep Steve Alford.

Guerrero kept Rick Neuheisel until he lost to USC 50-0.  This is worse.  Fire him now Dan.

If you care about UCLA, ask the following to fire Steve Alford now.  Email the following:

Dan Guerrero:

Gene Block:

Tweet at .

Sign the petition at

As far as the game went, it was the ugliest UCLA v. USC game since 50-0 in football.

Steve Alford proved to start the game that he is a complete idiot.  He goes back to big big the one team he can't do it.  He compounds the mistake by making Welsh a wing in the zone.  Just SC hits three wide open threes on Welsh's side to streak out to an 11-0 lead.

Then Bolden comes in and changes the game on defense.  UCLA goes on 12-8 run in the game with the lineup that should have started.  (Although Thomas Welsh came in for Parker early in the run to help make things happen.)

The beyond stupid moves continued.  UCLA remained cold outside and only Thomas Welsh could score.  Welsh was also dominating the offense boards and keeping us in the game after spotting SUC those 11 points.  So what does Alford do?  Bench Welsh.  Without Welsh, Bryce Alford shoots three times in a row and just SC extends their lead.

The crap show continued.  On a drive to the basket, Bryce actually ran away from the SUC guy driving.  Then Tony Parker flagrant fouls the kid and SUC gets a seven point play.  In all the times Steve Alford criticized players for defense, he never once mentioned Bryce.  In all the years I have watched basketball I have known guys who leave early to get out on the break.  I have never seen a player who ran sideways away from the driver.

UCLA finished the half shooting 29% Just SC shot 53% from three.  If Just SC did not turn the ball over, we would have been down more than the ugly 19 points 48-29.

The second half started with Tony Parker missing a layup and Bennie Boatwright hit a three.  Alford started Big Big again.  Welsh was the only guy trying so he had 12 points but 4 fouls as no one else was playing defense.

The game was so bad that Metu had two alley opp dunks in 30 seconds.

Desperate with 14 minutes left UCLA went to a press against a sleeping Just SC.  GG and others really hustled and UCLA started a run going 4-4.  But that was it.

Just SC weathered that storm and the game is over.

Steve Alford did not just lose the game.  He lost the team.  He should lose his job.

Fire Steve Alford.