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2016 Bruins Nation Bracket Challenge Final Four Update

The Final Four starts this afternoon. Let's look at where things stand in the 2016 BN Bracket Challenge.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

I've always preferred to consider the person with the most possible points as the leader in a bracket challenge and, after last weekend, that's the case again.

Why? Simple: Because after two weekends, I'm still in the lead with the most points at 84, but my pick for the national championship, the University of Virginia, bit the dust last weekend. So, 84 points is the most I can score.

Each of the next three with the most points have also maxxed out their points. Michael's Bruins For Life bracket has scored 83 points. Damonkashu has scored 82 points and Zach has scored 81 points.

There are a total of six brackets remaining who have a team in the Final Four. But, of those six brackets, only orlandobruin or bruin4life5280 can win. If North Carolina wins today, orlando will knock me out. But, if Oklahoma wins the National Championship, bruin4life will win the challenge.

If both Carolina and Oklahoma lose today, then no one will have picked the eventual National Champion and I'll hold on for the win.

So, from a personal standpoint, all I can say is "Go Villanova!" and "Go 'Cuse!"

Good luck and go Bruins!