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UCLA Coach Mora: Attacking Guerrero Is Just Wrong

UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora appeared on several radio shows today and he defended UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero.

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UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora appeared on SiriusXM's College Sports Today with host Mark Packer today where he defended UCLA AD Dan Guerrero's rogue vote to ban satellite camps.

The interview starts off with Mora saying that he's "never found satellite camps to be a concern and both Dan and I have said the same thing many, many times."

Mora continued:

I'm sad because I think attacking Dan and calling his judgment into question is just wrong.

He went on to talk about all the things that Dan has done for UCLA from the Rose Bowl and Pauley Pavilion renovations to the Football and Basketball Facilities and the Soccer Stadium grant.

Mora also touted UCLA's Academic Progress Rates which were released for all schools nationwide yesterday.

Mora concluded by saying:

I don't understand questioning him publicly. I don't know what good it does. I think it's self-serving and I think it's wrong....I got Dan's back forever and ever and ever on this one. It was dead wrong to do what our commissioner did.

Here's the complete audio as posted online:

Mora also appeared on Petros and Money on UCLA flagship KLAC 570.

Here's the first hour of today's Petros and Money Show. They discuss the issue some in the first 10 minutes and then Jim Mora joins them at the 20:30 mark and Mora covered a lot of ground over 15+ minutes.

On PMS, Mora spoke first about Spring Practice and the progress the team has made.

He also spoke about how Coach Wooden:

I had John Wooden's "Pyramid of Success" in my room when I was a kid....For me, being able to work at a school where John Wooden was so prominent and was so successful in so many ways and not just on the court and having that influence all the time has been a real positive.

As far as the satellite camp ban vote goes, Mora's comments to PMS pretty much mirrored what he had said earlier on SiriusXM.

Here's the full audio:

Go Bruins!!!