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The Bruin Fan Alliance: Get Into It!

In a short time, the Bruin Fan Alliance has worked to improve boosterism, philanthropy and mentorship among the UCLA fan base.

Bruin Fan Alliance

Last August, we featured an article introducing the Bruin Fan Alliance. At the time, the BFA was a brand new organization that had decided to focus on three pillars of the UCLA fan experience: Boosterism, Philanthropy, and Mentorship.

In a very short time, the Bruin Fan Alliance has made excellent strides in these areas.

One of the most important things the Alliance has done is that it has received official non-profit status from the IRS. They have raised money for both the Jim Mora Count On Me Foundation as well as Dribble for the Cure.

The Alliance also met with representatives from the Athletic Department in October to provide an initial round of feedback based an online survey the Alliance created. The voice of every respondent was heard as each and every survey was provided to the Athletic Department.

Now, the BFA has officially launched the next phase of its growth with the "Drive to 5000", a membership drive to increase the number of Alliance members to 5,000 members. Currently, the membership is at about 1,000.

Considering the fact that the Alliance is free to join and that the Alliance is dedicated to galvanizing the passion of the entire UCLA fan base while also embracing diverse opinions to ensure that the voice of every Bruin fan be heard, it's a group that every Bruin fan should consider joining if you haven't already.

And, while I'm not able to disclose what their screen names are, I can tell you that many long-time BN members are working with the BFA to positively effect the BFA's pillars as well as making sure that the Athletic Department hears the voices of every Bruin fan.

So, if you still haven't joined the BFA, visit their website and become a member today!

Go Bruins!!!