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NCAA Reverses Ban On Satellite Camps

The NCAA Board of Governors lifted the ban on satellite football camps yesterday.

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UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is the Pac-12 representative on the NCAA Board of Governors.
UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is the Pac-12 representative on the NCAA Board of Governors.
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Yesterday, gbruin posted a fan shot about the NCAA reversing the ban on satellite camps.

But, it's a topic that definitely deserves further discussion here, if for no other reason, than the fact that UCLA Athletic Director went rogue and voted for the ban when he was supposed to have voted against the ban based on a vote of the Pac-12 Conference.

It was supposed to be what Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott called a "directed vote", meaning that the Pac-12 rep UCLA AD Dan Guerrero was supposed to vote based on how the conference members voted. The conference members voted 0-11 with UCLA abstaining to keep the camps.

Dan Guerrero voted in favor of a ban and, later, attempted to justify the vote by saying that one of the two proposals was going to pass and he voted in favor of the one that was closest to what the conference currently has.

Except for two things.

First, the conference doesn't have a ban in place currently. In fact, the USA Today article cited in gbruin's fanshot quotes a text from Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez:

We never cancelled them! We thought this might happen — it's definitely good for the athletes!

Second, if Guerrero had vote to keep the camps, other votes might have followed the Pac-12. As it stands, the Sun Belt conference also says their rep voted the wrong way, just like Dan did.

Afterwards, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott issued a statement:

After the vote to ban the camps, Scott publicly called out Guerrero for voting the wrong way.

While that didn't sit well with UCLA Coach Jim Mora, Mora pointed out multiple times that both he and Guerrero do not favor banning the camps.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is the Pac-12 representative to the NCAA Board of Governors, but there is no indication as to how he voted.

Go Bruins!!!