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BN Spring Practice Saturday Breakfasts, Week 2

We'll be meeting again this Saturday for before practice. Come on out and hang with your fellow Bruins Nation members!

Joe Piechowski

Last weekend was enjoyable even if it was a little early. The good news is that, this week, Saturday's practice is a little bit later. Practice doesn't start this Saturday until 10 am.

So, we can meet at Headlines a little bit later than last weekend.

When we got to the field last Saturday, it seemed like the players had been on the field for a while already. As a result, we should probably head to campus a little sooner than thirty minutes before the official start time.

With that in mind, we will be meeting at Headlines Diner in Westwood at 8 am this Saturday and we'll probably head over to campus between 9:15 and 9:30.

Overall, the experience on the intramural field was very good, compared to how things were at Spaulding last year. It was a little more difficult to see as there isn't a parking lot overlooking the field the way Lot 8 overlooks Spaulding, but, when the team went 11-on-11, UCLA took down the flags which allowed everyone to move to the West sideline.

After practice last week, BN member 2cgcarver even got to have a picture taken with Bruin linebacker Jayon Brown.