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Spaulding Report: Transitions All Around For UCLA Football

Ch-ch-changes. They are all over the place with UCLA Football this Spring.

Joe Piechowski

The Bruins held their fifth practice of the Spring yesterday and the transitions continue. After practice, Tight Ends Coach Rip Scherer discussed the transition from having spent the past few years in administration to getting back on the field. He also spent some time talking about the transition to having a true tight end in the offense and what the coaching staff is looking for from the players who are making the change to tight end from other positions. Of course, he spoke about Nate Iese, whose previous role was closest to what they are looking for.

Thanks to Edward Lewis of the Bruins Sports Report for sharing all of today's videos.

Here's video of Coach Scherer discussing the transitions after practice.

Running back is one position group where the transition to the new offense appears to be simpler. Ryan Kartje's article in the OC Register explains it this way:

While its passing attack continues an uphill battle transitioning to a more pro-style offense, UCLA’s stable of young ball carriers has taken quite well to its new downhill approach this spring.

Soso Jamabo and Nate Starks both spoke about the transition to the new offensive system after practice. Jamabo said, "The transition wasn't hard. It's just getting used to play in that style."

Nate Starks seems to feel very comfortable having a fullback blocking for him. That's the type of system he played in in high school. In reference to having a fullback, Starks said, "I really like having that extra blocker."

Meanwhile, Jacob Tuioti-Mariner spoke about making the transition from Defensive End to Defensive Tackle. He spoke about how he doesn't want to hear what he's doing that's good. He only wants to hear what's he's doing badly so that he can focus on improving those things.

Finally, there's Jaleel Wadood. Wadood spoke a little bit about what it's like without Ishmael Adams in the defensive backfield as well as how it feels to be one of the veteran guys on the team even though he's still only 19.

The Bruins' next practice is this afternoon at 4:30 pm.

Go Bruins!!!