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NCAA Shuts Down Satellite Camps Effective Immediately

You can call it the Harbaugh Rule.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Division 1 Council took action this morning on the subject of satellite camps. Effective immediately, all FBS schools can only conduct camps or clinics at the school facilities or facilities regularly used for practice or competition.

ESPN's Brett McMichael is reporting which conferences voted for and against the rule.

I guess you can call it the Harbaugh Rule because satellite camps have been his thing since he took over the Michigan football program last season.

So, Michigan can no longer hold satellite camps in SEC country.

This hasn't really been an issue out here in the West as the Pac-12 schools haven't really used satellite camps. It has been an issue for the SEC and ACC who came up with the new rule in response to Harbaugh holding camps in places like Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas.

Of course, the big loophole in the new rule could be the "facilities regularly used for practice" part. I say this because, based on this, that would seem to indicate that Mora could hold a satellite camp at Cal State San Bernardino since they regularly hold training camp there.

I would expect Harbaugh could hold camps at IMG Academy in Florida since they held Spring Practice there.

The other question that this raises is "Could a D-I coach hold his own, non-university-sponsored camps and clinics elsewhere?"

So, instead of being a University of Michigan Football Camp, can't Harbaugh hold a Jim Harbaugh Football Camp wherever he wants and can't he happen to hire his UM football coaches for coaching at those camps?

I don't know, but I'm guessing we'll find out soon.