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Can UCLA Football Win the Pac-12 This Season?

Athlon Sports has published an interesting, if not schizophrenic, look at UCLA Football.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon Sports has published an interesting, if not schizophrenic, look at UCLA Football. The article is titled "Why UCLA Will (or Won't) Win the Pac-12 Championship in 2016."

Kyle Kensing predicts that the season will be "very much reminiscent of Los Angeles for 300-plus days per year, calling for sunny skies in the form of a No. 15 ranking the Athlon Preseason Top 25, best among the Pac-12 South" and that UCLA will return to the Pac-12 Championship Game "if all goes according to plan."

He goes on to discuss Josh Rosen and how Coach Kennedy Polamalu's offensive scheme should accentuate Rosen's strengths.

Probably the most interesting thing in the article is how Kensing suggests that Soso Jamabo could "break out even more." While Jamabo certainly is poised to have a breakout year, this shouldn't be news to anyone who follows the team. With Paul Perkins off to the New York Football Giants, Jamabo is the projected starter at tailback.

During Spring Practice, it certainly looked like he has added quite a bit of muscle in the offseason.

Kensing then goes on to praise to the secondary along with Eddie Vanderdoes and Tak McKinley.

But, then, he shifts gears 180 degrees to explain why the Bruins won't win the Pac-12.

He cites the loss of Kenny Clark, Myles Jack, Jordan Payton, Thomas Duarte, Paul Perkins and Devin Fuller and the need for replacements. Of course, he mentions the fact that the rushing defense was terrible last season while also offering UCLA's schedule and losses to Stanford, ASU, and Wazzu last year as more reasons UCLA won't win the conference.

I mean, really? Which is it? Will they or won't they? At least have the guts to take a stand one way or the other. We may have grown to hate the preseason hype, but this article certainly can't be accused of contributing to that.

What are your thoughts on the coming season? Will the Bruins be able to rebound from an underachieving season last year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.