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UCLA Coach Mora to Josh Rosen: Do You Want to be Manziel or Brady?

Jim Mora appeared on the Rich Eisen Show today and spoke about Myles Jack, the Count On Me Foundation, the NFL Draft and Josh Rosen.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora appeared on The Rich Eisen Show today and he said some really interesting things to say.

First, he predicted that Myles Jack will be the NFL Rookie of the Year. "He'll be the rookie of the year. You watch," said Mora. "He's so motivated. He's such a great athlete. He's such a great player, such a hard worker. He has a passion for the game that's unmatched."

After Mora and Eisen spoke about the 10th Annual Jim Mora Celebrity Golf Classic which raised over $600,000 for the Count On Me Foundation, he went even further out on a limb when he said that UCLA QB Josh Rosen would have been the top pick in the NFL Draft if he had been eligible to be drafted.

Mora said:

In my opinion, he [would have been] the best quarterback in the draft and he would have gone first. I know that is really a strong statement for a true freshman, but I've never -- well, I shouldn't say never because I've been around Peyton when he was that age -- I can't remember ever seeing anyone at his age with the arm talent, the intelligence, the decision-making, the drive, the passion and the ability that he has.

Mora continued talking about Rosen and about what Rosen wants for the future. He said:

Unless he continues to work hard...unless he makes good decisions...unless he dedicates himself the way that guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have then it's a pipe dream. And, I've asked him "Who do you want to be Johnny Manziel or Tom Brady? And, you need to make that decision right now and you need to start working in the direction that you want to work in. So, if you're going to go out on Donald Trump's golf course and wear a hat that says 'F-- Trump', I said, 'You're heading towards Johnny Manziel.' So, let's head toward Peyton Manning. Let's head towards Tom Brady. Let's head towards Troy Aikman," who spent an hour with him on Sunday, which was fantastic...talking to him about the responsibilities of being a quarterback.

Of course, Bruins Nation was the first to report on the Sunday's meeting between Aikman and Rosen.

That's a pretty strong statement from Mora. It's good to see that he's trying to make sure Josh has his head on straight.

Here's the video of Rich Eisen's full interview with Jim Mora. Thanks to the Rich Eisen show for posting the video.

Go Bruins!!!