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Uni-Watch: UCLA Expected to Announce Deal With Under Armour

Will UCLA's new apparel deal surpass the Nike-Ohio State deal?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The UCLA Athletic Department has scheduled a noon press conference for what they are calling a "major announcement."

While no details have been given as to what will be announced, it is expected that they will announce the details of the Athletics Department's new apparel deal. If you believe the rumors that have been flying around the internet for weeks, it looks like the Bruins will be partnering with Under Armour.

The rumors have estimated the deal to be in the neighborhood of Ohio State's recent renewal with Nike, which is a 15-year deal for $252 million or an average of $16.8 million per year. If true, it would become the richest deal in college sports history. Before the Ohio State deal, the previous high was a deal between Texas and Nike valued at $250 million over 15 years or an average of $16.67 million per year.

Last year, Nike also signed Michigan away from Adidas with an 11-year, $169 million deal (an average of $15.36M per year).

Just last month, Under Armour signed a 10-year, $86 million deal with UC Berkeley. At the time, many Bear fans thought that it would make Cal Under Armour's West Coast flagship. And, while the deal was a great improvement compared to what UC Berkeley had been getting from Nike under their current contract, it isn't even in the same hemisphere as what the UCLA deal should be.

Tonight, all is quiet in Westwood.

Tomorrow, at noon, we should get all the answers we've been waiting to hear. You know, the answers to the questions we've all had for so long.

Will the "UCLA Stripe" finally be back to full-size?

When should we expect to hear about uniform announcements?

Will all UCLA uniforms feature the same shade of blue and what shade will that be?

What other questions would you ask if you were at tomorrow's press conference? Share them in the comment section below and your question may just get asked.

Go Bruins!!!