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ESPN: UCLA, Under Armour To Announce Record-Setting 15-year, $280M Deal, Passing Ohio State's Deal With Nike

This deal sets a new record passing the deal Ohio State and Nike announced in January.

Will UA fix the UCLA Stripe?
Will UA fix the UCLA Stripe?
Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Some details of today's announcement appear to be leaking out.

ESPN's Darren Rovell is reporting that UCLA and Under Armour will be announcing a 15-year, $280 million deal today. That amount would blow out the previous record deal -- a 15-year, $252 million deal which was announced by Ohio State and Nike in January.

That's an absolutely huge deal and it passes the Ohio State deal by more than $25 million.

So, with the financial details now out, the single biggest question still remaining in the minds of Bruins fans is: "Will Under Armour be able to fix the UCLA Stripe?"

Stay tuned to Bruins Nation throughout the day today as we will have full coverage of today's announcement.

Go Bruins!!!