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Could UCLA Baseball Coach John Savage Be Headed To Austin?

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The University of Texas is showing some interest in filling their head baseball coaching vacancy with UCLA’s John Savage and Virginia’s Brian O’Connor.

College World Series - Game Two Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s the curse of having a successful coach. Whenever a college head coach enjoys a degree of success, it’s always possible that the coach could be swayed to either another program or the pros.

We’ve seen it year after year with what proved to be unfounded speculation with UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora. We saw USC try to lure Bruin baseball head coach John Savage after UCLA won its first College World Series in 2013.

Now, another bluebood baseball team — the University of Texas — appears to have Savage on their short list, according to a report by Horns247.

That said, if Savage was able to turn down an offer from 12-time champion Southern Cal which would have allowed him to take over a blueblood baseball program without having to move from his Southern California home, I’m not sure UT will be able to lure Savage to move halfway across the country.

So, it’s probably a good thing that sources told Horns247 that there appears to be mutual interest between Texas and University of Virginia coach Brian O’Connor.

But, if the Longhorns are not able to come to terms with O’Connor, they may set there sights on Coach Savage.

Go Bruins!